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Pressure Tanks

Although the pressure tank is a basic facet of any private water system, there are many sizes, materials and configurations to choose from.  The professionals at Guthrie & Frey, Inc. can assist you in selecting and installing the tank that is right for your application.  A properly functioning tank is vital to the efficient, long term operation of the well pump system.  If the tank is faulty, it can cause leakage and possible damage to the surrounding areas.  When ever possible, a tank should be as close as possible to a floor drain.  This will help minimize potential water damage from tank condensation or leakage.  Any tank showing signs of leakage should be monitored closely and replaced as soon as possible.

Tanks are commonly constructed of fiberglass or steel.  In order for any well pressure tank to operate efficiently, there must be air pressure (as well as water pressure) within the tank.  Some tanks (captive air/bladder style) have an air chamber within the tank that helps insure proper cycling and maximum efficiency.  Other tanks rely on air being externally added into the tank through various methods.  If your well pump system goes on and off too frequently when you’re using water, it is likely that the tank is waterlogged and needs maintenance.

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"Thank you for the professional service and support throughout the building process. Your entire staff was great."

J&J., Mukwonago, WI

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