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Guthrie and Frey Inc.

About Us

Guthrie & Frey, Inc. was established in 1976 in Wales by Scott and Lynn Frey and Robert and Audrey Guthrie.  Robert and Audrey were the owners of Guthrie, Inc., which has serviced the New Berlin and eastern counties since 1950.  After graduating from college, Charles Guthrie (Robert and Audrey’s son) took over the operation of the New Berlin company.  The Wales company was established to expand and serve the more western areas. 

In 1980, Scott (Robert and Audrey’s son-in-law) and Lynn (Robert and Audrey’s daughter) Frey became the sole owners of the Wales company, Guthrie & Frey, Inc., and expanded their service area to include all of the fast-growing western Waukesha County area, as well as Jefferson, Washington and Walworth counties.  As their service area increased, so did the size of the company.  Guthrie & Frey, Inc. has steadily grown over the years, but remains a family business dedicated to providing quality service to our growing family of customers.

In 1995, Guthrie & Frey, Inc. again expanded as Scott and Lynn’s sons graduated from college and joined the business.  In order to offer more complete service and products to their customers, water filtration products were added to their product line.  As this facet of the business rapidly grew, a new company was formed just to handle the water conditioning.  Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning, LLC is owned and operated by Robert and Susan Frey, and is located in Hartland.

In 2009, Charles Guthrie retired from the business.  He owned and operated Guthrie, Inc. which was located in New Berlin.  The New Berlin, Brookfield, Elm Grove  (eastern county) customers were taken over by the Wales office/pump division.  Our service area has expanded again, and now include the counties of Waukesha, Jefferson, Washington, Ozaukee, Racine, and Walworth.  Guthrie & Frey, Inc. is now owned and operated by Zachary and Angela Frey.  Scott and Lynn are still involved in the business.

Guthrie & Frey, Inc. is proud to be a 3rd generation, family run business with a rich history in southeastern Wisconsin.  As our company has grown through the years, we have maintained our focus on quality work and customer service.  We have compiled a detailed database with over 40,000 customers, and likely have detailed information regarding your particular well system.  Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to address your concerns.  Products can be bought anywhere, but sales, service and experience make the difference.  At Guthrie & Frey, Inc. we want you to experience the difference.


"Thanks so much for your polite, considerate, professional, efficient service and work!  I’ve told my circle of friends about you!"


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