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Guthrie and Frey Inc.

Constant Pressure Well Pump Installation & Repair

One recent change in the well pump industry has been the adaptation of “variable frequency drives” (VFD), also referred to as “constant pressure” pumps, for use with submersible well pumps.  In short, VFD allows a well pump to speed up or slow down to provide a constant system pressure while producing varying amounts of water volume.  These features are popular with customers looking for consistent, maximum pressure to all fixtures in their home.  Constant pressure/VFD systems are also preferred for use in those homes with inground irrigation systems.  Because these systems rely on variable motor speed to provide peak use supply, smaller pressure tanks can be utilized, thus taking up less space in the basement or mechanical room.

Guthrie & Frey, Inc. has been installing constant pressure systems for over 10 years and can answer any questions you might have.  It is likely that we have serviced your system in the past, even before you may have owned the property.  We may have information about your installation in our database of over 40,000 customers.  Please click here to contact Guthrie & Frey, Inc. if you have a question, or if you need prompt service.


"Thanks much for excellent service and for helping after hours!"


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